Who and what is behind A-WATCH

It all started when Robbert Suurland, owner, founder, designer and full blooded watch aficionado decided to combine his experience and passion and started his own company.

This was early 2012, soon after A-WATCH was born.


Specialist in the global market for Watchmaking and Horology for:

  • Sales
  • Limited Editions
  • Imports
  • Service & Repair
  • Design & Production
  • Consultancy, Go-To-Market support & Strategy

Activities of the A-WATCH group:


  • A high-quality line of professional watches.
  • Outstanding and distinguishing designs!
  • Outstanding in quality, philosophy and approach!
  • Personalized limited editions!
  • Professional watches made for both professionals and enthusiasts!
  • A-WATCH is owner of TWCO Technical Watches®

SPIN-R, the R2 Watchwinder®

  • SPIN-R, an established brand and proven pioneer in manufacturing innovative watchwinders.
  • Not only technically far advanced due to years of innovation, but also stylish, environmental friendly and above all user friendly.
  • SPIN-R stands for: Stylish design combined with innovative user-friendliness!
  • With its State of the art design SPIN-R will fit stylishly at your home or in the office.
  • SPIN-R, the R2 Watchwinder, an A-WATCH website and business unit.


  • A high-end top-tier quality luxury brand, born in the UAE powered by a COSC certified Swiss handmade self-winding mechanical movement with a high number of complications.
  • Qaffal, the only luxury timepieces in the world to house a full natural pearl. A first in the horology world.
  • A-WATCH is tech partner and associate of QAFFAL WATCHES, DUBAI, UAE.
The Vaucher Manufacture movement used in one of the Qaffal models.


The timelessness of our designs, the quality of the materials alongside and profound workmanship must ensure that our products are treasured for life. At the end it all comes down to quality, reliability, durability and last but not least an appealing and outstanding design. Design that stands out, showing both refinement, quality and that can stand the test of time!

We want to supply services & products that our customers really appreciate and want to own!

Our Mission

A-Quality products and services to the customers and business partners we serve.
To be a long term, reliable, pleasant and knowledgeable supplier of a beautiful line of professional watches and associated products.